About Dr Chirag Borana

Dr Chirag P. Borana

DNB Ortho, D. Ortho, MNAMS
Consultant Joint Replacement & Trauma Surgeon
Knee, Hip and Trauma Specialist
Fellowship in Advance Arthroplasty, Germany

Dr. Chirag Borana is an expert joint replacement and orthopedic surgeon, practicing in Mumbai. he has an in-depth understanding of his subject and its variation which he utilizes very effectively in performing total knee and hip replacement surgeries as per the needs of his patients.

He has received exclusive training in hip and knee surgeries with few of the best surgeon in Germany and India. he travels across the globe to the leading centres of arthroplasty to upgrade his surgical skills and knowledge in the management of arthritis patients.

His aim is to give the same treatment which is available globally and internationally to his patients at an affordable price maintaining the same standards.

he has a special interest in knee preservation (partial knee resurfacing – UKR) surgeries. Especially for the young arthritic patient. As per the needs of patients, Oxinium coated implants with a handheld navigation system are also offered to the young arthritic patient to achieve long term results and satisfaction in patients.

He also does cruciate-retaining (CR) and cruciate sacrificing (CS/PS) total knee replacements as per the patient’s arthritis status. Revision knee replacements one more area where Dr. Chirag has a keen interest.

he performs total hip replacement surgeries using both cemented and uncemented technique with different bearing surfaces (ceramic, polyethylene, metal) and dual mobility, cups depending upon the pathology, age and need of the patient.

He has a very effective communication system which he achieves by work closely with patients, their relatives and his team of physicians, anesthetist, and physiotherapist which make the journey of the knee and hip replacement, very comfortable experience for the patients.

Complex trauma and osteoporotic fracture in old age are a few of the most challenging cases on orthopedics. Dr. Chirag and his team are one of the best at treating them. he has a lot of his work published in International and National journalist of medicine.